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John | Certified Relationship Coach, Conscious Dating Coach, Radical Marriage Coach, Harmonic Mediator, Nonviolent Communication Trainer

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John, the Executive Director of the not-for-profit Harmonic Mediation Society, is a certified relationship coach and conflict mediator based in Nonviolent Communication. He is also a sought-after speaker, providing talks and workshops in B.C. and online. John is passionate about helping people develop the skills to empathically understand each other, face conflict with ease, and to live their best lives. And he puts into action what he teaches in his own life.

John is a certified relationship coach, a certified Radical Marriage(™) coach, a certified Harmonic Mediator, and a certified Conscious Dating(™) Coach. John is also a candidate to be a certified Nonviolent Communication (NVC) trainer and everything he does is based in NVC. John is also the Executive Director and one of the trainers of a not-for-profit organization that trains professionals in empathy skills and conflict resolution skills for supporting their clients.

Certified Relationship Coach, Conscious Dating Coach, Radical Marriage Coach, Harmonic Mediator, Nonviolent Communication Trainer

Relationship Communication and Radical Marriage(™):

What is your communication like? Do your talks turn into fights, or do you avoid important conversations altogether? Can’t come to agreements? Don’t see a path forward? John can help!

When your relationship is supported by John, you’ll easily glide through those difficult conversations, really hear each other with empathy, understand each other’s deep feelings and needs, heal old pain, reconcile differences, and solve issues. John will model empathic communication through role-playing you and your partner in real discussions and guiding you to hear each other and practice these new skills so you are empowered to work through topics on your own. And John will help you create a vision, strategies, and action steps you can both fully agree to so you go past understanding to getting your needs truly met.

Once your communication is effective and enjoyable, John can also help you achieve a Radical Marriage(™) where you have deep connection and safety with each other, and a plan to intentionally live your best life possible together.

Conscious Dating(™) Program:

Do you want your next relationship to be the right relationship? Do you know what your requirements, needs, and wants are? Do you know what your dating traps and limiting beliefs are that get you into the wrong relationships? Do you know how to find the love of your life?

When you go through the Conscious Dating program, you will come to understand who you are at a deep level, and will know what you really need for your next relationship to be successful, and you will develop your custom strategy for finding the right person without wasting time on the wrong people or settling for someone who isn’t quite right. Each week you’ll have homework to complete that will help you gain clarity about yourself and your dating plan and we’ll meet for an hour each week to discuss and refine.

Over 10,000 successful singles have gone through this program. Will you be next?



  • End fights and conflict and develop a deep and intimate understanding of each other and connection through empathic communication.
  • Create intentional plans to get your needs met that you both whole-heartedly agree to.


  • Truly understand yourself and what you really need to succeed in a relationship.
  • Develop your Conscious Dating plan to find the love of your life without wasting time.


  • 30-min Introductory Consult: Free
  • 90-min Couples Session: $200
  • Book 5 Couples Sessions, get a 10% discount: $900
  • 14 Week Conscious Dating(™) Readiness Program: $1,995

Terms & Conditions:

John only wants to be paid if you are getting value. His cross-the-board two-session guarantee is simple: After the first two sessions, if you think it isn’t working or right for you, he’lll give you a full refund and those sessions will have been free.

For relationship coaching, you can book as needed and stop booking at any time. Payment is requested in advance. The Conscious Dating(™) program is a 14-week program. After the first two-session guarantee, if you decide you no longer wish to continue, John will provide a partial refund at the rate of $100 per remaining week.

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