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Krysta | Tantric Coach

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Sessions: 15 Mins Free Consult ($5 deposit will be refunded after call)


With over a decade of extensive training in Tantra, Psychology, and Sex Education, Krysta’s passion is bringing fun, positivity, exploration, and intimacy into one of the most taboo places: sexuality. You can find her hosting retreats, coaching individuals or couples, offering private sessions, or nerding out about sex and tantra.
Your sexual expression is the key to living a joyful, embodied, and abundant life. It’s about freedom to be who you are. And Krysta is here to help you do that.

Your Personal Tantrica What if you could create the sex life of your dreams? And had a personal Tantric and Intimacy Coach to support you along the way: Someone who could support you in experiencing deeper intimacy and phenomenal sex with ease, pleasure, and play. Someone who could help you harness your desires, pleasure, and self-expression so you can experience life with more joy. Step into the world of tantra, where the experiential and the intellectual meet. From Sex Intimacy Coaching, to Tantric & Somatic Bodywork, to Speaking & Events, we will create more trust, deeper intimacy, and greater pleasure in your life and in the bedroom (and make it fun and easy while we’re at it!)


  • Online Coaching Common Themes: Sex & intimacy coaching, releasing shame, confidence and expression, mismatched desire, premature or delayed ejaculation, anorgasmia, setting boundaries, igniting passion and desire.
  • In Person Sessions: Tea-Time & Coaching, Cuddle Session, Tantric Massage, Couples Session,
  • Intimacy Playground, Kink Exploration, Specialty Focus: PE/ED Support, Healing, Tantric Tools.


If you are wanting quick and easy answers to your questions, sign up for an hour laser coaching call, where you will be given tools, tips, and tricks that will create immediate results. For those looking to explore through experience, consider an in-person session, to practice and embody the skills learned (and to play, explore, and experience so much pleasure in the process!) Perhaps, book a deep-dive weekend to go even further. Schedule a laser coaching session or free introductory call to start your journey!

Virtual: Starting at 200/hr
In-Person: Starting at 400/hr
(Ask about rates for multi-session packages)

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Why Shop Couples Co.

Why Shop Couples Co.

We think sex should be fun, explorative, and radiating warmly with self love and deep appreciation for your partner. Millions of people globally savor the adventure of trying new pleasure products together or during solo time – so why not try something new and exciting to enhance your sexy time?

Browse our blissful adult toys, sex accessories + essentials, explore new sensations, and make mindblowing experiences! Sexual health is an important facet of overall health, and climaxing is known to reduce stress levels. So treat yourself to some healthy pleasure. Enjoy life to the max... the climax.