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Sex Up Your Life Book | True Intimacy Healing and Hope | Deep Dive Into The Realms of Sex

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A Deep-Dive into the Unconscious and Mostly Unspoken Realms of Sex

Sex Up Your Life goes beyond simply giving advice on how to have a better sex Life. It’s a deep dive into the unconscious and mostly unspoken realms about the meaning of sexuality within our lives.

It offers a continuum of sexual experiences and personal stories that explore the range of expressions from lack of consent, to sexual exploitation, and into realms of play, the heart, and our spirit. At each point along this continuum, the reader is asked to explore within their experiences and beliefs around the topic, and readers are provided with questions to explore undoing harmful, unconscious, and limiting patterns.

The book is Sex-worker friendly, kink-aware, trauma-informed, and contains some important information about decolonizing and reclaiming sexuality. Ultimately, this book helps to evolve our heart consciousness and move into becoming our full authentic selves, spiritually, emotionally, physically, and sexually.

In this collection of real-life stories and interviews--from Indie Music Producers, International Sex Educators, Creatives, Models, Corporate Jet-Setters, Sex Workers, Bisexual Muslims, Transgender Folk undergoing gender reassignment, Men, Women, Mothers, Fathers, and many more—holistic educator Julie Archambault has crafted a fascinating and revealing portrait of sex.

Everyone is dealing with something—and that something has a lot to teach you about yourself. Sex Up Your Life offers a unique "Continuum of Connection for Sex"--brought to life by collected stories of struggle and triumph—to guide you from destructive disconnect to blissful sexual for sex in your life.

The founder of Co-creative Sex, Julie forges a new paradigm where sex, relationships, and personal growth go hand in hand, and will help you “Up” your experience of sex in your life.


  • 344 pages
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